As the very popular saying suggests, assets never lose and are a lifetime goal for many, and also it can be passed on to generations to come. However, investing in a plot requires accurate and careful planning, as far as the current and profitable future financial situation, existing responsibilities, eligibility, EMIs, and so forth.

There is no set time to buy a plot. Any time can be just right and fortunately the Indian real estate is seeing continuous indications of restoration post-implementation of key strategy changes. In addition, banks have evolved and so are their recent policies. Most banks these days offer loans with practically zero prepayment penalties, which imply any home loan borrower, can repay their credit early without needing to pay any extra charges. With rising income levels and better work options, property buyers are now able to invest in their dream home at a younger age.

 Tax benefits

 The Indian tax department provides many tax benefits on home loans. Section 24 lets property buyers to get a deduction of up to Rs 2 Lakh on interests. Section 80C of the Income Tax Act offers a deduction on principal repayment of up to Rs 1.5 Lakh.

 Lesser borrowing rates

 Property investments usually require a large flow of cash, so one would opt to take up a home loan. The rate of interest has been reduced since the beginning of 2019 and slipped further during the pandemic.

 Buy a plot suitable for your budget.

 Take one step at a time. If the budget is a problem, work on it step by step. Check if the real estate developers offer any schemes, just remember to be smart and look for genuine schemes.

 Do not choose properties more than your budget; it is always better to first settle for an affordable property. Also, banks are now providing home furnishing loans as a top-up which eases the burden of planning home interiors. So you can build your dream home on your plot.

 Invest in EMIs

 It is always better to invest in Emi’s than in rentals, as rent rates are also increasing rapidly. If a person is willing to pay thousands a month just on rent, it is wiser to shell out a few extra for their own property.

 Key rules for first-time property buyers

 While looking for a property, select a convenient location that is near good reputed schools and offices. Check if the area is well developed in terms of infrastructure. Make sure the location is safe and secure. Also, choose a plot that is situated in an upcoming location and has scope for price appreciation.

Always check the track record of the developer. A reckon would be Classic Featherlite check out their websites to know why they are considered one of the best real-estate developers in the city. 


The mere suggestion that there is no appropriate time to invest in property, the above-mentioned points might have left you flabbergasted. It is always better to invest in a property at a young age. The sooner a person invests in a property, the faster they can pay their loans. 

Also, at a younger age, one gets the option to choose a long period, which reduces the monthly EMI burden.

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