5 Unique Amenities Offered at The Sanctuary

In the Real Estate industry, the word ‘Luxury’ is often associated with amenities such as pools, saunas, gyms, tennis courts, game rooms and more, and these  come as amenities offered in an apartment or a society. But, did you know that even a plotted community could offer the same?

Over the last few years, plotted developments have evolved to meet the demanding requirements of discerning customers. The above mentioned amenities have become an integral part of the projects . Classic Featherlite  offers  prospective customers the very best of modern amenities and assures  them of a space that they would cherish for a lifetime.

Below are 5  Unique Amenities Offered at  The Sanctuary

Fitness Infrastructure

A few years ago, a room with a treadmill and a few dumbbells and weights was considered as an in-house fitness centre. Today, the concept has changed as people have become aware of more outdoor fitness activities and they expect spaces for mediation, a place for group classes, yoga studio, Zumba zone, etc. The upcoming clubhouse at The Sanctuary will have a fully equipped gym, an indoor badminton court, indoor games area and a party hall. The Sanctuary also has a meditation zone and a jogging track.  

Indoor Games 

Playing indoor games is an excellent way for residents to connect as a community. Residents can plan evening games with their neighbours and enjoy hours of fun within their friends. We, at Classic Featherlite, believe that these facilities are essential to build enduring bonds that last for years.

Lush  Greenery

While well-designed homes make for cozy living spaces, it’s the greenery around that makes a difference, offering freshness and tranquility. Open green spaces and landscaped gardens help individuals strike a peaceful balance for quality living. At The Sanctuary, we have placed a strong emphasis on plants, trees and  hand-picked flora that optimizes the absorption of pollutants and produces high amounts of oxygen. These plants, shrubs and trees have  been carefully picked for their quick   growth  and thick foliage.

Children’s Play Area

This is something every child wishes for and every parent wants. We, at Classic Featherlite, believe that children require fresh air and open spaces for their healthy growth. We offer a dedicated play area at The Sanctuary, where the little ones can spend hours playing their favorite outdoor games.

Multi-purpose hall

We offer a spacious and modern multi-purpose hall for the residents of the Sanctuary  to access and host different events like birthday parties, social gatherings, seminars,  etc. The hall will have  a well-designed layout with excellent materials used for the flooring, door and windows, and will have  good ventilation.

 All of the above amenities coupled with an eco-friendly design , make The Sanctuary the most sought after plotted development in Bangalore.

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