Very often we hear investors ask…

Should I invest in a plot or is an apartment a better investment?

As a discreet buyer, that’s a relevant question and the answer would vary in every circumstance.

But, investing in a plot gives you a very good feeling of possession and an excellent choice when it comes to the high resale value on your investment. A plot is even better, if it is within a gated community as it wouldn’t have any encroachment problems.

Owning a plot allows you to have control over the structure and design of the house alongside evaluating the house materials utilized, and the construction completely depends on you.

Also, the current pandemic is making many people rethink where they want to live. People now prefer to live in not-so-densely packed areas, which are becoming an epicenter of the COVID crisis.

What’s all said and done, it now comes to choosing the best location to invest in a property and the best recommendation would be Whitefield-Sarjapur Road.

Sarjapur is a place that is always in the limelight as it is best suited for investing in property and one of the most sought after developers in Sarjapura is Classic Featherlite with their exquisite project, The Sanctuary, also known as a land of opportunities.

An introduction of the overwhelming developer…

Classic Featherlite developers are most preferred for their elegance and sophisticated gated community plots in Bangalore. They acquaint themselves as one of the leading builders for producing good quality plots in gated communities for sale in Bangalore and are proud winners of the Prestigious ET awards.

They have improved and adapted over the years to meet the needs of all their valuable clients in the field of real estate for producing plots within gated communities. They are up for providing a huge inventory of genuine Gated Community plots at different ranges to reach all the premium clients.

Having said all the above, now let’s see why their project, The Sanctuary, is considered a worthy investment.

  1. With 113 plots, it is enclosed within the most beautifully manicured landscape to enable exceedingly green and pollution-free surroundings.
  2. It is close to major international schools, IT hubs, hospitals and malls all located within 10-15 minutes drive from the project.
  3. The project has all the facilities that are needed for a luxurious lifestyle. It is an elegantly designed luxury villa plot project with all the world-class amenities to give a premier lifestyle to your loved ones.
  4. Inclusive to this class infrastructure, further luxury amenities that make your comfort cradle in luxury:
  • Children’s play area
  • Mediation Zone Jogging Track
  • Handpicked Flora
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Indoor Games
  • Proposed Clubhouse
  1. The Sanctuary allows you to build your home with meticulous planning and style. Your home can be an epitome of elegance and splendor as its palatial and alluring plots are the benchmark for luxury lifestyle in Bangalore.
  2. Nothing screams the word “luxury” more than having a villa plot as your humble abode. They offer a humongous space to design your rooms as you desire, unlike apartments where your hands are bound.

For example, if you have a great affinity for fitness, you can choose one room and customize it as a gym, or whatever you desire – a lush garden, a terrace, a terrace garden, make the interiors cozy, cover your walls with noise absorptive materials, lighten up your room with crystal chandeliers – you can decorate it with high-end products that exude class and opulence.

Bottom Line

Choose and cherish your free spirit with a stunning offer from Classic Featherlite exclusive ‘The Sanctuary’. Limited time offers to cut your expense by 30k from the listed price.

So, what are you waiting for? Haven’t we convinced you enough about why you should choose “The Sanctuary”!

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