Biggest lessons to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic

Do you remember the last time you felt so aligned with the rest of the world? For once, the entire world is having similar thoughts, fearing the same thing, and fighting the same enemy. We are all praying for the same medicine and vaccine while standing in queues to buy household essentials as we continue to fear for our lives.

Has it ever occurred to you that such human synchronization was possible to achieve? Well, impossible has now become possible. What seemed improbable until a few months back and unachievable even with the collective effort of mighty nations and their powerful armies is a reality – achieved by a teeny virus!

We all had an overweening vision of everything — with zero concern for our environment, heedlessly looting Mother Earth, thankless for the love nature has given us. And in just one attack this minuscule virus has nullified our negative thoughts and locked us in our homes.  Nature has now started healing itself as pollution reduces; birds and animals reclaiming their lifestyle as we stay inside our homes.

Nothing in this world happens without meaning. We must understand that the life lessons this COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us, must be taken seriously to avoid similar fiascos in the future.

some of the lessons we’ve hopefully learnt:

  1. Never take experiences for granted. So live in the present as everything can change in a matter of a few hours or even minutes.
  2. Learn to value even the smallest of things — appreciate and live life to the fullest (safely). Talk to family and friends as you are doing right now, often neglected in our daily life.
  3. As the phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining” goes, we now have ample time for ourselves. Let’s use that time in the best possible way. Doing nothing is sometimes the best relaxation and a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Make time in cultivating hobbies and pursue your interests.
  4. By now we would have definitely realized that good health is better than having great wealth. So, let’s care and pray for our/ our loved ones’ health.
  5. This is probably the worst nightmare that has ever happened to mankind in the recent past. So, we are now ready for almost anything in the future. An individualistic point of view will never work – We are all in it together. Always!
  6. The virus does not differentiate between rich and poor. Everyone is the same.
  7. Taking care of Mother Earth and environment is not as difficult as we thought.

Once the pandemic is over, let us not get back to the old normal. Instead, let’s create a new normal!

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