How to be more productive while working from home

The COVID-19 situation has forced several organizations to encourage their employees to work remotely. In the past, there was a popular notion that employees working from home weren’t as productive as those that worked from the office premises. But in the current circumstances, work from home is a win-win situation for both the employer and employees.

Whether you’re working one day per week or full-time by choice, it’s important to ensure that you are set up to be productive. This includes having a designated workspace with the right technology, ways to deal with kids, pets, and other potential disruptions. Also important is to put in place a schedule that allows for social contact and stimulation that ordinarily comes from being in a workplace with others.

To be efficient you need to get on top of the technologies used for remote meetings, document interchange, digital presentation tools and devices etc. That will help you plan your day and your workflow. Once properly done, work from home can advocate many benefits including:

  • More time with family
  • Less time on the road – avoiding traffic, pollution & stress
  • Contribution to a cleaner environment
  • Saving money
  • Less stress and infections
  • More productivity
  • More job satisfaction

Having said this, having a home that supports the work from home culture needs some effort and discipline.

You must work towards a comfortable office like setup with a well lit room and a comfortable, ergonomic chair considering that most of your time would be spent sitting -good posture is essential. You also need to arrange for a secure storage space for your documents and a suitable table for your computer/laptop. Staying glued to your system can often get monotonous/irritating. It is important to stand up and walk around the room every 40mins.  Do consider ‘Keep out’ or ‘On air’ signs on the door as it will help spouse/partner/kids from wandering in.

Good locations come with good broadband connectivity. Where you live matters because the further away the property is from a telecom tower, the weaker the broadband signal can get, resulting in a slower connection.

Your work from home office setup in a green, serene environment with fresh air can help you focus on the task better and manage stress. A study conducted shows that having plants in a workspace can increase productivity by 15%.

Having a home in close proximity to the office is an added advantage in case someone needs to attend to an urgent task, buy essentials in short notice or visit the health center in case of an emergency.

So, some of them might already have the perfect work from home setup for maximum productivity. As mentioned earlier in the blog, working under suitable conditions is essential for not just from a productivity perspective but also from a mental health angle. Our work life is something that takes up a major chunk of our life. It is therefore important to enjoy it rather than just endure it.

Stay safe and enjoy your work from home status!

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