Where would you prefer living post the pandemic? Apartment or independent home?

It is commonly acknowledged that people living in apartments are at a higher risk of contracting COVID19. An apartment complex with common amenities / facilities and packed spaces amid a pandemic has its own set of challenges.

While government and health officials are advising the public to ensure 3-6 feet distance from others around to stem the spread of corona virus, it’s challenging to maintain this in a building where hundreds of residents share the elevator and common areas, not to mention other facilities.

You are at risk

We all now know that the coronavirus is transmitted through droplets and through direct contact. What if someone in your apartment complex coughs or sneezes into their hands and then touches the elevator buttons? Or as rude and as nasty as it may sound, what if they directly cough in your face? You are most likely to get infected.

Your children are at a great risk

Homes with children will understand the pain of restricting them from playing with their peers, especially in apartment complexes. Kids always like to play with other kids regardless of what the situation may be. It is very difficult to stop them from coming in close contact with other kids – and this way they could contract the virus.

Old people are more vulnerable

If you are living in an apartment with elders at home, you need to be extra careful to ensure they don’t step out of the main door, as homes face each other in apartment complexes. This way, they are more prone to contract the virus (if someone has coughed/sneezed outside your door or in the corridor/elevator.

Independent Homes

On the other hand, if you live in an independent home, you are assured of a little more security and privacy. Your little ones can play in your backyard or in the parking lot. Older people can get out of the home and amble around in the compound safely.

We are not trying to cause anxiety, but just want to educate residents in apartments to be aware of the heightened risk factors of staying in an apartment complex. Those currently living in apartments are advised to be extra cautious, and follow these guidelines.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap
  • Do not step out of your apartment without wearing a mask
  • Maintain the recommended distance even with your neighbours and best friends
  • Don’t get into a crowded elevator
  • Always have a sanitizer handy and clean your hands after using the elevator
  • Avoid using the gym, swimming pool, common seating area, party hall, and other shared facilities
  • Ensure the management committee disinfects common areas, elevators and other frequently used amenities throughout the building

amenities / facilities – https://www.classicventures.in/sanctuary.html

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