The advantages of staying close to your workplace

Over the last few decades, Bangalore city has been experiencing tremendous growth in terms of area, population and traffic density. Traveling to and from the workplace is becoming increasingly difficult, tiring, and time consuming leaving residents with little time for family, leisure and relaxation.

For quite a while, working professionals have been deciding on homes close to their places of work. Residential hubs including layouts and apartments have always been emerging near work zones and upcoming work zones.

This has resulted in a culture of Walk-to-work – fast catching on in mega cities like Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. Not that you don’t know, but we have listed below the advantages of choosing a home close to your place of work.

1. Enhances your productivity

Commuting long distances each day is extremely tedious. It could cause stress and restlessness throughout the day which in turn would take a toll on your productivity. On the contrary, if you can get to your workspace within minutes, you’re definitely going to be much more relaxed, think with a clear mind, and thus be more productive.

2. You contribute to reducing pollution

Thousands of vehicles hitting the road and crisscrossing across the city contribute heavily to pollution. If you stay close to your office, you could walk or take a bicycle which reduces the amount of toxic gases pumped into the atmosphere. Thus, we could do our bit in reducing the levels of pollution in our cities.

3. Walk or bike -to-work saves time

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. We need to choose and set schedules that enable us to remain productive, stress-free and help create an environment that allows us to live our lives how we choose. Studies show that an employee (on an average) spends around 2-4 hours in commuting to work each day. Adapting a walk or bike-to-work culture saves significant time allowing individuals to spend more time with their families, pursue their passions and lead a sustainable life.

3. Enables a work-life balance

If you are travelling 2-4 hrs every day for a 9-6 job, your work-life balance gets severely affected. By residing close to your workplace, you save more time for your family, friends and hobbies. Moreover, you are energized to perform better every day.

4. Helps you live healthy

While most people prefer deskwork in comparison to fieldwork, there is a downside – you tend to get sedentary. The time you save on commuting gives you more freedom for exercising, yoga or other activities. Also, since you stay closer to your workspace, you can get to your office by walk or by bicycle which means you can stay healthy.

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