The Sanctuary – A community designed with serenity in mind

There are stress factors and sources of anxiety coming at us every day from office, social media, commitments, expectations and more. It is easy to get trapped in all the heat and pressure of everyday life, but hard to climb out of.

There are stressors we simply cannot avoid no matter how much we try to escape it. For example, work is a necessity for most of us. We rush through our tasks, trying to push ourselves to the limit every day. We speed along in our vehicles to reach our destinations. Your manager, your colleagues, traffic, pollution can all stress you out. At the end of the day, what’s the outcome? Exhaustion and stress from all the hurrying about!

You need to ensure that you feel a sense of serenity, feelings of calmness on a regular basis. The only place where you expect peace is your home. And, The Sanctuary is a one of its kind residential enclave that makes other people say “There is disturbance in every layout except this one”. Read on to know the reasons why.

Why Sanctuary?

Small differences can make the feelings of stress a thing of the past!

The amenities at Phase 1 of The Sanctuary are designed to ensure that its residents will be happier and living a healthier life as well. The amenities include handpicked flora, meditation zone, jogging track, rainwater harvesting and children’s play area among other modern amenities.

We, at Classic Featherlite, have a main objective, which is to provide all our residents a serene and tranquil life within the locality. To meet our objective, we have come up with the concept of green infra. Just as we extended and upgraded the built-up infrastructure of wide roads, modern utilities, sewage systems and street lamps, we also upgraded our green infrastructure to sustain clear air and water.

Our sprawling property has been adorned with meticulously handpicked flora that is naturally equipped to absorb greater quantities of pollutants and produce copious amounts of oxygen. These easily manageable plants, shrubs, trees and flowering plants have been specifically chosen owning to their short growth period and thick foliage.

By providing the above mentioned amenities, we play a major part in the social, mental and physical well-being of our residents. Apart from providing serenity, they also cut the costs of healthcare. The green spaces in the locality reduce pollutants and protect drinking water, decreasing the risks of waterborne and airborne illness.

We never forget the children in our holistic approach. Not all kids learn the same way inside the classroom; they need an alternative approach and the vast children’s play area at The Sanctuary can be the right lab for them to learn life.

These are just a handful of reasons why we stand up for green amenities in our community!

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